Spaceport NEO

Spaceport NEO

The free, cross-platform mobile game framework using ActionScript 3.

Familiar Tools & APIs

  • Develop on Mac OS X or Windows
  • Develop entirely in Adobe FlashBuilder
  • Create art assets with Flash Professional
  • Integrate with Flash API & SWC files
  • Debug / Profile using Flash Builder

Super-Simple Workflow

  • No need for Xcode or Android SDK
  • Install to iOS and Android via USB
  • Update code and assets over WiFi
  • Easily export IPA & APK files
  • Update live games via Spaceport Cloud

High-Performance Graphics

  • Fully GPU-accelerated without Stage3D
  • Dramatically faster rendering than AIR
  • Vector Graphics without the slowdown
  • No need for sprite sheets
  • Unrestricted animation length & size

What people are saying about Spaceport

“The simplicity of working with layouts and fonts on Spaceport is marvelous. Much time is spent on Starling, coding to position graphics, align them together, sizing fonts, creating the textures, worrying for the resolution on different devices, etc. All that is gone with Spaceport.”

“This allows us to either make a complex game twice as fast or make two simple games in the same time we would have done a Starling game, thus monetizing more.”

- Alejandro C. Saksida

“Spaceport’s vector rendering speed blows Adobe AIR out of the water.”

- Sean Lavery

“Getting started is straightforward for a Flash developer. It’s much better if you are a Flash designer.”

“No comparison with AIR, Spaceport is much easier.”

- Saumya Ray

“Spaceport has been instrumental in enabling us to build a complex product in a short period of time. It’s a powerful tool that’s sped up all aspects of game development, from prototyping to the final, polished product. Our artists and animators find the toolchain familiar and can be immediately productive, and our developers love the dead simple cross-platform functionality.”

“We would recommend Spaceport to all mobile game developers out there.”

- Luis Sampedro

“The results were blazingly fast and promising. Everything worked like a charm.”

“I was surprised how easy it was to deploy and how fast it runs on older devices.”

“Adobe AIR sucks in non–Stage3D-accelerated apps. Spaceport runs like a charm.”

“I already know AS3, so my code-fu was extremely useful.”

- Andres Parga Acosta

“After using Spaceport through the production cycle of three different mobile apps, I can safely say that Spaceport is exceptional software for quickly iterating on Flash games and apps for mobile devices.”

“After testing Liran’s Lab in Adobe AIR and Spaceport, I was extremely disappointed with AIR’s performance. After seeing that AIR completely breaks in GPU mode, and that Liran’s Lab slows to a crawl in CPU mode, I felt like Spaceport came to my rescue.”

- Jason Spafford

“This is the only cross-platform solution I know of where vector artwork (and all of its associated benefits) is actually a viable option.”

“Much easier to set up than Adobe AIR, and way faster than using Xcode”

- Will Hankinson