Mobile Game Engine

The Team Will Be Joining Facebook

It’s been quite a ride. For the past four years we've been passionate about enabling the world to move to mobile and yet run mobile apps as web services. We've created technology that brings together the native performance of mobile apps, and the flexibility of web services using JavaScript, HTML5, and ActionScript.

We recruited some amazing people along the way (our incredible team), and have had the chance to work with thousands of talented developers who helped us create Spaceport, as well as BBC who invested in us. Today we want to thank you for that opportunity. Now we start a new phase, at Facebook.

Facebook is building best-in-class mobile experiences, and after much internal discussion with my co-founder and mentor and YouWeb Incubator founder Peter Relan, our team saw a huge potential in working more closely with Facebook. With that said, today we’re announcing that the team will be moving to Facebook to make an even greater impact.

Meanwhile the Spaceport platform will continue to be supported by Peter and his YouWeb team. Facebook will not be acquiring the technology itself, so developers can continue to build and create apps, games, and content unimpeded and with confidence that Spaceport will be around and fully supported for some time to come.

Peter and his staff of mentors at YouWeb have been with us every step of the way as we evolved our technology and product vision. Peter believed in me when I first came out of Stanford with no experience, when there was no business plan. Not only was he there with sage advice, but also in the trenches, looking at product design, software architecture and even helped me debug a piece of code one night – supportive in the good times, as well as the difficult times.

YouWeb's Michelle Sangster and Jim Mills were there providing an outstanding network of business development folks. Michelle in particular has been key in enabling us to close all of our recent deals. And Les, YouWeb's CFO and his team made sure I could focus 100% of my energy on products and technology. YouWeb has literally provided thousands of hours of commitment and support.

With that said, we could not be more excited at the opportunities that lie ahead as we join the Facebook team. Thank you YouWeb, BBC, and our developer community for being a part of our journey at


- Ben Savage, Founder,

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