High Performance

Build beautiful high-performance games and run them as native apps

Tap into the speed and graphics capabilities of multiple devices to create games that are easy to load, play, and enjoy.

Built-in GPU acceleration with OpenGL


Spaceport uses OpenGL to accelerate rendering (including vector graphics) on native devices. OpenGL is the industry standard for developing portable, interactive 2D and 3D graphics applications.

Supercharged performance with vector graphics


With Spaceport's graphics engine, you use versatile and efficient vector graphics formats instead of bloated sprite sheets. Doing so minimizes the size of asset downloads and drastically reduces loading times.

Utilize special code libraries to create more dynamic games


When you download Spaceport, you’ll have access to a library packed with high-performance components for use with your Spaceport game, including an isometric engine, AI engine, and GUI widgets.

Cross Platform